Picturesque land with a rich tradition , hardworking people and farmers, organized in June each year, ” Strawberry Festival ” .

casa-muzeuIf all you get here is worth visiting Peasant House in Călineşti Oas, located north of lake . Since 1727, the house – museum is one of the typologies Oas Călineşti old houses common in Oas-Land , in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Museum house was owned by Marc Jacob who lived there until his death . It was purchased in 1991 by Satu Mare County Museum , and in 1995-1996 was fully restored . The house consists of living room , porch , pantry . Structure of the house is set on a stone foundation cracked .

One of the most prominent and popular tourist areas of Oas is , the surrounding mountain scenery and overlooks the vast lowland area . sarbatoare in calinesti oasHere there are many mineral springs , known locally as the ” borcuturi ” ( Bixad , bathrooms wells, bathrooms Maria Valley etc). However, Oas charm is the originality and uniqueness costumes , song and dance Osen , the ancient habits and customs , popular secular and religious architecture , the traditional crafts .

Oas museum is located close to the center Negresti – Oas , 200 meters from the national road coming from Satu Mare or from historical Maramures . Situated on an area of 1.5 hectares , on the river tour , museum has two sections : a permanent exhibition with a valuable collection of ethnographic and folk art . muzeul-satuluiTraditional architecture is the wooden church in the village Lechinţa dating from the early part of the seventeenth century , the houses from Racşa , Moişeni and Negreşti ( XVIII- XIX) , which together with the ten – annex buildings , it is forming three completed households : two molecular houses from Small Gherţa and potter house from Vama. The interiors are exposed valuable pieces from the collections of fabrics , costumes , icons , ceramics , furniture and tools of the museum.

Sambra sheep. On the winding road that connects Land of Maramures Oas , right on the border between the two counties , Step Huta gets every year host to one of the ancient customs of the country. ” Sâmbra Sheep ” marks the beginning of northern pastoral season in this region . It is a good opportunity for a beautiful Rustic party where , after they have developed problems shepherd , eat and drink . sarbatoare in calinesti oasIs the largest celebration Rustic linked to traditional occupation of shepherding festival that takes place annually in May and symbolizes the coming of spring and the sheep out to pasture .